Chiropractic Treatments

How Chiropractic Treatments Can Help With Life’s Aches And Pains

A woman presses on a patients backHave you ever awakened in the morning only to find that you can hardly move thanks to aches, pains and stiffness? For most of us, this is a common situation, brought on by any number of reasons, like simply getting older. We take aspirin by the bottle, do what we can to stretch and work the kinks out, but nothing seems to be effective for long. If this is happening to you, then it may be time to talk to our doctor about starting chiropractic treatments for pain management.

Want to know more about how chiropractic treatments can improve your quality of life? All of us here at Lakeland Spine Center want you to be able to move about without pain, so call us today for an immediate consultation for treatment.

Imagine Life Without Pain

The pain we feel daily comes from a lot of different sources. Aging, stress, bad diets, an injury or even being pregnant can cause us to be constantly stiff, sore and dealing with pain. The majority of this kind of pain can be traced as to having its origins in the spinal area, in the muscles, ligaments or discs of the spine. All of this can be managed with a few simple chiropractic treatments that take only minutes but can have an amazing effect on how we feel afterwards. Being able to walk without twinges, without the constant ache of the lower back, what would that feel like?

Common Treatments

When it comes to pain management plans working with a chiropractor, there are two common treatments done daily to alleviate a patient’s pain. The first, called a chiropractic adjustment, can do wonders for anyone suffering from back problems. During this treatment, the chiropractor will manually adjust and manipulate your joints to ease the tension that can build up. This tension is often a secondary source of pain, and by releasing it, can immediately make you feel better, and more limber, less stiff. The treatment brings into alignment all of the nerves, bones and muscles that radiate out from the spine, stabilizing its normal equilibrium for better movement.

The second most common treatment is known as spinal decompression. Great for alleviating neck pain, back pain and back spasms, this gentle therapeutic treatment uses decompression technology to increase blood circulation around the area where you are feeling pain the most. Blood helps tissues heal, and by increasing the level of blood flowing through, it can jumpstart the healing process and get you back on the road to recovery that much sooner. Once the pain is relieved through decompression, your doctor can now concentrate on getting those muscles back into shape, so that the damage does not repeat itself. After three treatments of this type, most patients report a definite change in their level of pain, stiffness and muscle soreness on a daily basis.

Who Is A Candidate?

Anyone who suffers from chronic pain is a candidate for chiropractic treatments, adults and children. For successful pain management, there is no better treatment plan that is as effective in such a short amount of time.