Conservative Care For Neck Pain

Types Of Conservative Care For Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain can be an agonizing ordeal to manage on your own and when it occurs, the only way to find relief for it is to see your doctor for treatment. Because many patients want pain relief without undergoing invasive procedures or taking a lot of potentially addictive medications to deal with it, the medical trend today for many patients is to find some sort of conservative care for neck pain, a treatment plan that entails a host of alternative treatments centered around pain alleviation and management.

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Creating an Effective Treatment Plan

Cervical pain is one of the most common conditions being treated by the use of chiropractic care in the United States today. The neck is a fragile structure and pain can begin through simple aging or any number of reasons, including accidents and injury. It can be caused by stress to the joints, bones and soft tissues that lie within it and can cause pain not only in that region, but could cause it to radiate throughout other regions of the body including the shoulders, arms and back.

Creating a treatment plan that include conservative care for neck pain is one that has to be customized for every patient, and may include any number of treatment options. Mild neck pain can be effectively treated and managed through a series of physical therapy treatments, which would include alternating sessions of applied ice or heat, along with therapeutic exercises to build strength within the core and muscles that support the neck, and occasional anti-inflammatory medications. Massage therapy, acupuncture, and even spinal manipulations may also be used, depending on the exact pain frequency and condition that is causing the pain.

What Spinal Decompression Can Do For Pain

An effective chiropractic treatment for cervical pain is that of spinal decompression. Doctors of chiropractic therapy will implement a program of sessions with special machines that will achieve pain relief by manipulating the discs of the spine to relieve any pressure on the discs, nerves and vertebrae of the spine that may be the root cause of the pain you are feeling. Conditions like a pinched nerve, herniated discs or even degenerative disc disease can all be helped by this type of treatment.

The force generated upon the spine and its discs during this type of chiropractic treatment is quite gentle, exerting only enough force through movement cycles to subtly shift the discs, stretching the connecting tissues to realign them and take pressure off of any injured discs or nerves. The pain relief from this procedure is immediate, proving it to be a highly effective plan of conservative care for neck pain.