How To Use Yoga To Maintain Good Posture

Having a good posture is crucial for our quality of life. Not many people realize this, but the way you carry yourself day in and day out is the determining factor in how your spine ages over time. There are several medical conditions that can arise from having your spine continually out of alignment, arthritis is just one of these. By keeping your spinal column flexed properly, and in good alignment, you can eliminate lower back issues, as well as neck pain, and slow the aging of your joints throughout.

Are you beginning to experience back or neck pain or general stiffness in your joints? You may have chiropractic issues related to your posture that you may not be aware of. Call us at Lakeland Spine Center today and our qualified professionals will conduct a posture evaluation and recommend a few effective measures.

When your spine is out of alignment and your posture relaxes into slouching, it will begin to affect the way you walk and the way you sit or stand and will cause more incidents of having a sore back upon waking. The fluidity of our joints deteriorates and the rate of deterioration depends upon how much stress and strain we put them through on a daily basis. A straight and flexible stance and walk will keep the joints from using up what fluids and cushions they have left, especially in the spinal column.

Treatment Options

Luckily for the lot of us, advances in chiropractic technology has made getting spinal adjustments an easier task, and while that will help us work at regaining our natural alignment, there is much more that we can do on our own to support the hard work our doctor does for us with those adjustments.

With a little research, all of us can learn the proper workout routines to help maintain that good alignment. Yoga is just one field of exercise disciplines that can give us back the flexibility we will need later in life.

So many of us let ourselves slip into what we think are comfortable positions during our workdays, thinking we are relaxing our muscles, but in reality we are just setting up a chain of events that will eventually leave some muscles tense, and our spines out of alignment. Yoga teaches us to stretch our spines, restore the flexibility in all of our joints, and to restore the level of our body awareness so that we will remain conscious of how we stand, walk and sit to prevent further damage.

What Yoga Can Do For You

Following and practicing the discipline of Yoga can help to improve your posture because yoga exercises are especially designed to gently flex and stretch each muscle and bone group in the body. You can straighten your spine, align your core back to the center where it belongs, and keep your pelvis from tilting in an awkward manner. It can also improve your breathing, burn energy more efficiently, and strengthen your heart.