Fitness And Exercise Program

Secrets To A Successful Fitness And Exercise Program

It is amazing how quickly just a little extra weight can derail a person’s health. Added weight puts pressure on all of the joints in the body, causing pain whenever we move. Before long, we are twisting and altering the way we move to compensate, which only leads to more problems down the road. If this is happening to you, it may be time to begin a fitness and exercise program to help you lose that weight, and get your body back into line without pain.

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Getting Started with Your Fitness Routine

The first step you should take is to see the doctor for a full physical. This way, you will know just how far you have gone off the healthy path, and have the opportunity to learn what you need to do to get back to where you should be.

The next step is to adjust your diet so that you are eating healthier, which can go a long way to begin losing that extra weight. Try to not fall for those fad diets that eliminate needed food groups from your diet, along with necessary vitamins and minerals. Instead, start by eliminating sugary drinks, treats and red meats to start. Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet, and substitute whole grains for products made with white flour, like bread.

Time to get Moving

The key to sticking to any fitness and exercise program is to get active doing things that you enjoy. This way, you will stick with it far longer than any program that has you doing things that you may not be ready to handle at that time. The easiest way to start, especially if you have not been exercising regularly, is to simply walk. Walking just an hour a day will amp up your metabolism, increase your heart rate, and help you begin to burn off those calories so that you can begin losing weight.

Once you get used to moving more, it will then be time to expand your daily routine to include other forms of exercise. Aerobics, free weights, strength training routines, all of these can help to keep you burning calories and losing pounds. If you like sports of any kind, now would be the time to include these as well, for some needed variety. It can be something as simple as playing catch with your kids or a family bowling night, just as long as you keep moving, and having fun.

Final Tip

In any fitness and exercise program, you must allow for at least one or two days of rest per week. This will help avoid injury through muscle strain, and give your body time to adapt to the changes you have made.