Understanding And Preventing Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a very common health complaint in many people and it can be caused due to various factors ranging from genes to straining of your muscles. It is important to deal with this pain as soon as possible to prevent serious complications.

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Common Causes Of Lower Back Pain

Believe it or not, your lower back often hurts because of your upper body. The spine, which acts as a shock absorber and supports the weight of your back, consists of a number of vertebrae that are stacked on top of each other with a small cushion-like disc between them. Due to various factors, these discs tend to shrink a lot or suffer from wear and tear. This means that any sudden movements or pressure to your back could cause a lot of pain to the lower back region. Other common back pain causes are arthritis, sciatica, a slipped disc and a pinched nerve amongst others.

Symptoms and Signs of Lower Back Pain

The main symptom of a back problem is pain that can occur right from the shoulders down to the thigh. This may be in the form of chronic back pain or it may even come and go depending on your movement and activity. Other common signs and symptoms include pain below the knees, an injury to the your body, numbness in the legs.

Tips to Relieve Lower Back Pain

If you are suffering from lower back pain or if you find that you have a tendency to suffer from problems in the spinal region, here are a few ways that you can ease the pain and prevent it from getting worse:

• Get the right Posture: Practice a good posture when you are standing and sitting. Make a conscious effort to keep this posture throughout your day.
• See the Doctor: As soon as you start feeling any pain, visit our doctor so that you can get treated as early as possible and prevent any serious condition.
• Stop Smoking: If you smoke, it is time to kick the habit and start getting healthy.
• Exercise: It is very important to keep your lower back muscles strong so that they can take the weight of the rest of your body. Focus on strengthening exercises for the abdomen, hips and pelvic region. Stay fit so that you don’t have any extra weight that will cause a load on the spine.
• Be Active: Remember that your body is meant to work and stay fit. If you want to crawl into bed as soon as your body starts hurting, force yourself to get up and get on with your work. Movement and distraction will help the pain get better.