Chiropractic Myths And Facts

Common Myths About Chiropractic Care And The Truth Behind Them

Chiropractor and LadyChiropractic care is getting very popular all over and you may have heard a lot of things about it – some good and a few that are possibly not as good. But there are a lot of myths surrounding this form of alternative medicine that are in no way true. Here are some of the common Chiropractic Myths & Facts that will help you understand it better.

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Myth 1: You Get Your Bones Cracked During Treatment

So you may think that all a chiropractor does is crack your bones. But in reality the most common technique used is called spinal manipulation therapy. It involves adjusting the spine in a non-invasive way and it can only be done by a professional. If you do hear a cracking sound, it is because the joint has been opened up so the gas gets released from that place.

Myth 2: Only Back Pain Can Be Treated By This Method

Chiropractors are not only trained to deal with the back. They have knowledge about the entire body and are trained to treat joints that are situated in different parts. While back pain may be one of the most common reasons to seek this form of therapy, a lot of people also go to chiropractors in order to get treated for injuries, headaches or illnesses like osteoarthritis.

Myth 3: Chiropractors Aren’t Actually Doctors

A Chiropractor may not go to a regular medical school which you are used to but they are all Primary Care Practitioners. This means that they can be your first contact for medical treatment. Every person who is qualified to practice in this field has to have completed a Doctor of Chiropractic program which takes over four years to finish.

Myth 4: The Adjustments are very Painful

In most cases, the treatment doesn’t hurt at all. In fact, if you are suffering from a pinched nerve or a bulging disc, you will probably be in a lot of pain before the adjustments. The manipulation techniques will help to relieve the pain. Once in a while you may feel a little bit of discomfort, especially if you are suffering from an injury, but over time your system will start to integrate with the adjustments and you will feel great.