Spinal Decompression

Is Spinal Decompression A Viable Alternative To Disc Surgery?

If you suffer from chronic neck pain or back pain, experience numbness or weakness in your lower back, posterior or legs, then it is quite likely that you have some kind of problem going on with the discs in your back. Through injury or even just simple aging, discs can be damaged and wear out, and if chiropractic therapy is doing nothing to alleviate your pain, you may be a good candidate for spinal decompression.

Tired of your chronic back pain? The caring professionals at the Lakeland Spine Center want to get you back to be as healthy as possible and spinal decompression might just be the way to get there. Call us today.

How Discs Can Hurt You

The human spine is the most amazing piece of engineering that exists today. A series of bones, tendons and nerves, it is all delicately balanced together to serve as not only to keep us upright and moving, but also to cushion our bodies from the effects of gravity and impact with the ground that echoes up through our feet, and into our bones. Between each of vertebrae along the spine are discs, durable sacs that cushion the bones and keep them from rubbing against each other.

The body can take a lot of damage over time, but at some point, something has to give. Unfortunately, as far as the spine is concerned, it is very often the discs that go first. Even if they are never really damaged, they will still break down over time. When this occurs, discs will begin to slip out of their protective sacs, and get caught between the vertebrae, or slip out of place and put pressure on the sensitive nerves that run along the spinal column. All of this means chronic back pain is now a part of your life, and has to be alleviated somehow.

Spinal Decompression Vs. Disc Surgery

Any doctor will tell you that surgery is always considered to be a last option in treatment, especially when dealing with the spine. During disc surgery, the part of the disc that is pressing upon a nerve, or has moved out of its normal place will be shaved away or cut to relieve the pressure or open up room for it to be less painful.

During spinal decompression, on the other hand, there is no invasive surgery involved. Using gentle traction through a computerized therapeutic device, the spine is slowly stretched, and the discs and vertebrae encouraged to move apart on their own. This will relieve any pressure on nerves, as well as helping the injured discs to move back into place. It also encourages those discs to begin to heal on their own. Unlike surgery, however, it is not a one time deal. Depending on your exact condition, it may take several sessions to alleviate your back pain.